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ITPS adds MBB BO-105M helicopter to it’s fleet

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    ITPS has finalised the purchase of an MBB BO-105M helicopter. The twin turbine machine is an ideal test pilot school training platform due to its rigid main rotor head, which gives it great maneuverability and agility. The helicopter will be fully instrumented over the coming months for performance and flying qualities flight tests including a TM link. The addition to the fleet was made in light of a surge in demand for rotary wing flight test training and the need to have a permanently instrumented training helicopter. The 105 will be complemented by the extensive fleet of helicopters available to ITPS including the A-109Grand, A109Power, A119Ke, AS355FX, AS350B, B206, B206L and R44 used on previous courses. A helicopter flight test familiarisation module for fixed wing students will also be added to the Graduate Fixed Wing TP course.