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First ITPS online short course for an international customer

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    The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way most companies do business, perhaps for ever. The International Test Pilots School is no exception and we have had to quickly respond to the travel restrictions which have impacted our customers and the need to continue supporting their training requirements. We are extremely pleased to announce that since Monday 21 June, 2020, ITPS is delivering its first online short course to an international customer. Under an agreement with the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, test pilots and engineers, including Vice President of Flight Test for COMAC, Mr. Li Tong, are attending a Production Test Pilot groundschool in anticipation of attending flight test training in Canada.

    Lectures include Civil Aircraft Certification, Performance and Flying Qualities Flight Test techniques, Cockpit Ergonomics and Displays evaluation, to mention just some of the topics in the over forty hour lecture programme. The training is focused on Transport category aircraft testing, and is being delivered by an outstanding team of expert instructors spanning expertise from Airbus, Fernando Alonso – Head of Flight and Systems Testing (ret.), Fokker Services, (Sjoerd Postma,CTP), Embraer 170/190, (Dr Andre Celere, FTE) and Bombardier C-Series (Anthony Dunne, FTE).

    Under the agreement with COMAC, ITPS provides an initial course for candidates who then go on to gain experience at COMAC prior to attending the Graduate Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer course in Canada.  The added benefit of the online training format is that it allows students to review many of the subjects before attending the practical weeks and flight test training in late 2020. The COVID pandemic has caused us to has fast track a new way of course preparation and delivery flight test training. There is considerable enthusiasm for this new approach and feedback from students and the client thus far, has been overwhelmingly positive.