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    The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) confirmed on 14th December 2017 that ITPS is now an Approved Training Organization (ATO.0030) for flight test training.This recognition comes as a result of two years of intensive effort on the school’s part. ITPS is now compliant with European regulations governing foreign ATOs for the training of test pilots and flight test engineers. The approval means that European students graduating in Canada at ITPS will be issued with an EASA Test Pilot rating on their EASA license or a Lead Flight Test Engineer license by their national. It also means that European military pilots trained at ITPS will be able to obtain civil ratings allowing them to transition to European Industry upon retiring from the military.

    Many countries outside Europe also recognize an EASA endorsement as a measure of the quality and processes of the training establishment. Establishments outside Europe undertaking joint venture programs with European partners can now train personnel at ITPS who are licensed to undertake flight testing in Europe. Test pilots and engineers who graduated from ITPS prior to this approval may obtain the appropriate Category flight test rating following an agreed Upgrade Course. In accordance with the FCL820, the syllabus is to take into consideration prior training, experience and credentials of individual candidates.

    This EASA recognition comes soon after official recognition of ITPS by the Society of Experimental Test Pilots and recognises ITPS to be in the top tier of flight test training establishments. ITPS is now one of only two test pilot schools in the world to be a fully accredited to provide the full range of test pilot and flight test engineer courses and to also be and EASA approved. I am extremely proud and grateful for the tremendous effort by the ITPS team lead by Stephane Logette our Head of Training and Dr Andre Celere our Chief Flight Test Engineer which has resulted in this milestone achievement.