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THE INTERNATIONAL TEST PILOTS SCHOOL Ltd (ITPS) offers a range of training courses for Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. ITPS has an established track record of providing cost effective flight test training to air forces and civilian industry around the world. The training reflects lessons learned during many years of flight testing airplanes and helicopters for manufacturers around the world. The highly qualified expert team of ITPS instructors ensures that ITPS provides up-to-date, effective and affordable training to customers. ITPS’ approach to flight test training is innovative and responsive and contains a truly international dimension. The ITPS approach to training enriches the learning experience for students, exposes them to a variety of technologies, operating concepts and cultures, reflecting the real world of flight testing as a profession.




ITPS has been chosen by 25 Air arms to date. The school has received recognition for providing: • Up to date training programs that include new and emerging technology • Bespoke training programs developed to meet customer's specifications and budgets • Consultants still currently active in latest technology programs such as Lockheed F-35 and A-400M • A high instructor to student ratio with personal attention, particularly for students whose first language is not English • The only school to design and complete a seaplane certification course. ...Read more


Leading experts

The ITPS instructor team consists of a truly international group of experts with the broadest spectrum of expertise in fixed and rotary wing, civil and military flight tests. Civil expertise spans the flight testing and certification of Part 23, 25, 27 and 29 aircraft categories. The combined expertise of the group makes for a uniquely valuable learning experience for students enrolled at ITPS. Students will gain valuable insight of lessons learned from previous tests and certification programs, as well as guidance from experts in the intent and interpretation of the regulations, so essential to efficient and effective testing.


The cornerstone of the ITPS programme is exposure to a variety of relevant aircraft featuring performance, handling or avionics which challenge the student's capabilities and provide unique learning experiences. ITPS has access to the widest variety of modern and vintage aircraft, comprising jet fighters and trainers, business jets and high performance single and multi engine propeller aircraft. ...Read more



ITPS offers contracted flight test services including the services of test pilots, engineers and analysts. The scope of the service is dependent on the customer’s requirements. ITPS will offer advice based on many years of industry expertise in airplane and helicopter flight testing. The company also has considerable experience with instrumenting aircraft for flight testing speedily and economically. ITPS can serve as the customer’s flight test department for as long as required without becoming a fixed overhead, burdening project finances. …Read more