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    Unmanned Aerial Systems Test And Evaluation Course

    ITPS offers cost effective flight test training for operational pilots and engineers who will be involved in the testing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The course provides a solid grounding in UAS technology, flight operations and the principles and techniques of UAS flight test. The ITPS training programme is unique in that it provides candidates with a complete education in the discipline of flight testing as it relates to Unmanned Air Systems specifically. Whilst other establishment provide short course training or enroll UAS pilots on one year test pilot courses, neither approach is efficient nor adequately prepares the candidates for the particular challenges of UAS testing. The ITPS programme has been designed specifically for UAS pilots and operators and is taught by experts in the field with experience of many UAS flight test programs. The ITPS UAS Flight Test Course is a vital investment in success by any organisation seeking to develop Unmanned Air Systems

    The course is five (5) weeks in duration including practical test flying and UAS systems evaluation. It consists of a number of lecture modules and optional practical modules. Questions about our programs? Contact Us