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    The Avionics Systems Flight Test Diploma Course

    The Avionics Flight Test programme is for test pilots, flight test engineers and Avionics Systems specialists. The course is normally 28 weeks in duration and is designed to qualify test crews to undertake the full spectrum of avionics and weapons flight testing. The programme has proven to be a sound qualification for members of a flight test team, involved in procurement, service release trials, operational test and evaluation and production and development roles. The course provides a solid grounding in the principles of avionics systems flight test, coupled to exposure to a variety of modern aircraft and data acquisition and analysis facilities. The course broadens the students experience through industry visits and flight test exercises at major military flight test or research establishments. Graduates of the ITPS Avionics Flight Test course have repeatedly proven to be extremely well prepared to undertake aircraft and systems flight testing on a number of projects worldwide.

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