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Job – Aviation Life Support Equipment Engineer (ALSEE)


Aviation Life Support Equipment Engineer (ALSEE)

Job Title

Aviation Life Support Equipment Engineer (ALSEE)

Reports To

Head of Training and/or Operations Manager

Job Overview

The ALSEE is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all safety equipment and gear (e.g. G-suits, flight masks, helmets, flight suits, etc.) to ensure the upmost safety of our employees using such equipment and gear.


  • Participate as ALSE member on the safety council and air safety meetings.
  • Inventory of ITPS ALSE equipment on fixed wing and rotary wing.
  • Onboard survival equipment requirement’s as per TC regulation.
  • Number/ID ITPS ALSE equipment for recording.
  • Issue and return record procedures for ITPS ALSE equipment.
  • Compatibility of the ITPS ALSE equipment with aircraft.
  • Periodic inspection schedule for all ITPS ALSE equipment on and off aircraft.
  • Conduct equipment inspection, fitting, adjustment and aircrew instruction in survival, use and care of the support equipment.
  • Inspect maintain, and evaluate life support equipment and activities, to include receipt, handling and storage of the life support equipment.
  • Use appropriate references and other publicizations to maintain appropriate and thorough records, maintenance and inspection forms, training aids, and on-board aircraft survival equipment.
  • Assist the safety of the shop, hanger and flight line.
  • Conduct life support and survival continuation training for assigned personnel.
  • Plan and perform inspections on ITPS ALSE equipment for aircrews as per established procedures,
  • Carry out periodic inspections on various survival equipment used by ITPS,
  • Maintain the ITPS ALSE inventory,
  • Fit new ITPS students and aircrew with ALSE equipment,
  • Order the required equipment for new personnel as direct,
  • Perform repairs on ALSE equipment, as detailed in established procedures,
  • Participate in seat removal/installations as required,
  • Act as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on all ALSE related topic, including the ejection seat,
  • Maintain the ALSE Support Centre in a clean and tidy condition,
  • Pursue initiatives to improve ALSE equipment in an economical fashion,
  • Perform general administrative duties related to the ALSE Support Centre operation,
  • Carry out dinghy drill and emergency egress training to ITPS students and aircrew personnel,
  • Develop and perform training on ITPS ALSE equipment inspections to other ITPS technicians,
  • Maintain compliance with all ITPS policies and procedures.
  • If available, assist in flight line prep and procedures.
  • Perform other duties as instructed by supervisor.


  • Must have completed Aircraft Life Savings Equipment course.
  • Must have Survival Equipment Fitters Certificate.


  •  Optical Test Bench Maintenance
  •  Optical Test Bench Operator
  •  Head Equipment Assembly Fitting
  •  Oxygen Mask Assembly Maintenance
  •  Inner Helmet Assembly Maintenance
  •  Outer Helmet Assembly Maintenance
  •  Equipment related certification an asset.
  •  Must have a minimum of five (5) years’ experience.
  •  Have leadership, communications, and people skills and the ability to accept responsibility.
  •  Attention to detail and results oriented.