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International Tactical Training Centre Courses

ITTC is the tactical training division of ITPS Canada a well-established, Canadian-based advanced flight training school operating out of London, Ontario. ITTC provides tailored solutions to the customer’s tactical training needs. Our outstanding team of instructors provide world-class instruction into the many facets of military air operations. Our portfolio of clients continues to grow and includes work with over 25 air arms from a number of countries around the world. ITTC provides customers the unique opportunity to hone their trainee’s skills by drawing upon the knowledge and experience of internationally acclaimed instructors in a uniquely multicultural environment.

ITTC operates a fleet of Aero Vodochody L-39 which have been upgraded with modern colour touch screen large area displays. ITTC also operates a state-of-the-art fighter simulator with six channel semi-dome display system.

The International Tactical Training Centre is a unique facility providing advanced military flight training on demand featuring:

  • Expert team of international instructors
  • Tailored training programs available on demand
  • Lead-In Fighter Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor Courses
  • Fighter Controller support
  • Air Combat Manoeuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) for real time and post mission debriefing
  • World-class facilities
  • The best in Canadian flight training


A fleet of Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatross.

Equipped with modern large area displays featuring colour touch screens

The Aero l-39c is a robust, reliable, proven jet trainer. The ITTC fleet features upgraded cockpits with modern displays and hands-on throttle and stick controls. The ITPS fleet is comprised three types of jet trainers including Albatross, Delphin and Hawker Hunter jet trainers. ITPS is introducing live virtual constructive technology, networking our aircraft, simulators and tactical control room to create realistic and complex mission scenarios. Upgraded cockpits featuring state of the art avionics and embedded simulation allow trainees to learn is an environment representative of the latest generations of combat aircraft.


Modern simulator facility to enhance learning experience and expose trainees to modern fighter aircraft systems.

ITTC leverages the benefits of modern simulation technology and enhances the learning experience through the use of Virtual Reality and Live Virtual Constructive training, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the training and slashing costs. ITTC graduates are prepared to lead in modern air combat.


ITTC provides off-the-shelf training programs and on demand training programs tailored to the customer’s unique requirements, in Canada or the customer’s country of origin.

  • Lead-In Fighter Training
  • Advanced Jet Training
  • Weapons and Tactics Training
  • Electronic Warfare Training
  • NVG and Night Operations Training

Rotary Wing and Unmanned Air Systems.

ITTC offers a range of rotary wing training courses:

  • Basic and Advanced
  • Military Flight training
  • NVG and Night Operations
  • CSAR
  • Helicopter Weapons and Tactics Instructor
  • Unmanned Air Systems
  • UAS Instructor

World class modern training facility in Canada

ITTC is a division of ITPS Canada, a Canadian corporation based in London, Ontario. The facilities in London are amongst the most modern available and ideally located in Southern Ontario, south of Toronto. ITTC provides a stimulating learning environment, staffed by a team of international professionals.

Student Wellbeing – Topflight Support

ITTC provides outstanding support for students and their families. Whether helping place children in local schools or arranging extended medical coverage for students and accompanying family, our on-site Student Welfare Officer ensures the smooth transition for life in Canada.

From arrival to departure, ITTC is here for your trainees. Transportation can be scheduled for pick up and / or drop-off at Pearson International Airport to alleviate the stress of navigating an unfamiliar country. Once settled, ITTC can provide students and their families with a rental vehicle for the duration of their stay, allowing for easier integration into the community.

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