Training Aircraft and Simulators

ITPS has access to a wide variety of aircraft at London International Airport. Interesting aircraft are also hired in from time to time for specific exercises. This flexible approach allows ITPS to offer excellent exposure to a balance of modern and older aircraft types to students on its courses.
ITPS also collaborates with military customers for final project evaluations on military aircraft.

Variable Stability Flying

ITPS makes use of the NRC variable stability helicopters for consolidating handling qualities assessment skills, provide experience of the effects of certain flight control characteristics and varying degrees of stability with reference to pilot in the loop tasks. The NRC helicopters are invaluable tools for these purposes and are used by most test pilot schools. The demonstration profiles selected are equally instructive to fixed wing test pilot candidates


Simulators are used throughout the test pilot and flight test engineer training programmes to provide training in Electronic Flight Information and Head Up Display systems evaluation, fly-by-wire flight control laws, autopilot and Flight Management Systems assessment and more. ITPS has contracted with the CAE Toronto training centre and has access to a number of simulators for test pilot school exercises.


Fixed Wing Aircraft

Rotary Wing Aircraft